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"As part of God's family we grow together, respect each otherand challenge ourselves to be the best that we can be."

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Welcome to Reception Class!


We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage guidance. We regularly observe the children to see what their next steps will be and will plan for the children to reach these next steps. We teach through a very play based curriculum where all areas of learning are covered through play both indoors and outdoors. The children can choose to play indoors or outdoors. There are whole class times for big book, numeracy and phonics as well as times to look at the topics which interest the children.


Curriculum outline and topics for this academic year will include:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development


The children will develop their skills at playing with their friends. They will have lots of opportunities to play co-operatively, for example when they are playing in the Home Corner. We aim for them to become more confident at speaking to others about their own needs and also taking account of the ideas of others. We work with the children to encourage them to discuss their own feelings and the feelings of others. We encourage the children to become independent learners.


Communication and Language


The children will improve their speaking and listening skills in all areas. We encourage them to ask and answer a variety of questions. We are always singing Nursery rhymes and songs and the children will bring a rhyme home each week to share with parents at home. This could be a traditional one or a new one related to a current topic. We will act out stories and will use different voices when we read stories such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


Physical Development


The children have access to the outdoor area for the majority of the day. The children will need a coat everyday. They will also need to bring a pair of named wellington boots which can be kept at school. There is a range of climbing equipment available for them to use and various bikes. We have balls and beanbags of various sizes so the children can develop their throwing and catching skills. We plan a lot of activities to improve the children’s fine motor skills for example using tweezers to pick small objects up and mark making in glitter trays. We will find out about healthy foods and the importance of looking after ourselves. We enjoy doing PE where we will do a variety of activities including gymnastics, dance and games skills. From February the children will need a PE kit and they are expected to be able to dress and undress themselves by this time.




We have daily phonics sessions as a whole class where we will learn the sounds and key words which will develop the children’s reading and writing skills. The children are encouraged to write the sounds they can hear. We have writing and reading areas in the classroom where resources will relate to the topic for example writing a sorry letter from Goldilocks to the Three Bears. We have big book time every day, where we share a book and talk about the characters and act out stories. We enjoy acting out traditional tales such as the Gingerbread man. We then bring it to life and make our own gingerbread men. We like to look at a range of non-fiction books, write labels and captions and find out new information about our topics.




Numbers and shapes are all around us. We have a daily numeracy session. There is a maths area inside and planned maths activities outdoors. The children’s skills in numbers, shapes and measures are encouraged everywhere. The children are encouraged to use their developing skills to solve real-life maths problems. We will even be looking at our favourite breakfast, creating a pictogram and counting how many like each breakfast and what is the favourite breakfast.


Understanding of the World


We celebrate a range of festivals including Christmas and Chinese New Year, encouraging children to talk about what they celebrate at home. We may even use chopsticks to eat some Chinese food. We encourage children to talk about their observations, identifying similarities and differences between objects, places and events such as seasons. We will explore planting and growing and will go on mini beast hunts where we can identify and describe what we have found. We will develop our skills in using the laptops and improve our mouse control through playing a range of games. We programme cars, bugs and Bee bots to move in different directions. We also have class cameras the children are able to use.


Expressive Arts and Design


We have music, art, and make and do areas where the children can explore their artistic and expressive talents. We sing a wide variety of songs on a daily basis and the children will use a variety of instruments. In role-play and small world areas the children will develop their imagination, acting out and making up stories. Through all the activities and scenarios set up within the classroom we can develop our skills at playing cooperatively together. We always have lots of fun!