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Children's Wellbeing and Mental Health Support

Here at English Martyrs we take the emotional well being of our staff and pupils very seriously.

Each and everyone at our school is warmly welcomed and we aim to create a positive, calm and happy school where pupils, staff and visitors enjoy being here at our school.


We recognise that at times some people may be affected by worries, concerns, anxieties or difficulties at home. It is only natural to feel a range of feelings and when pupils or staff need extra support we strive to provide that as a school. 


First and foremost we have staff who are caring, considerate and supportive and we treat each child as an individual. We take the time to listen to a child's feelings and worries and support them in the most appropriate ways. Staff are on hand to listen to pupils, provide advice and strategies, respond with actions and do our best to ensure every pupil feels valued and respected. We have interventions, books, games, social stories and other school resources which are proven to support pupils and help them overcome worries or unwanted feelings.


We encourage parents to speak to your child's class teacher, update them about changes at home or things which may affect or upset your child. Communication is key to a good relationship and we rely on you to update us.


When worries get a little bit more than a child can manage, we work with parents and other agencies to look at ways in which we can further support the child and family. These may include referrals to other agencies, ideas and ways to support at home or addressing the difficulty directly. These agencies include Place2Be 

- More information about this can be found below 


If you have any worries or concerns about your child's well being or would like further information, please speak to your child's class teacher or make an appointment to see Mrs Dunn, our Pastoral Team Lead




Recently we have partnered with Place2Be. This is the children’s mental health charity who are offering services to some schools over the next two years. We are delighted to be working closely with such a fantastic resource to further improve outcomes for children.


Place2Be are working in school each week supporting pupils with their mental health and further information about the charity can be found on their website


Place2Be is offering a new online course for parents/carers from English Martyrs for free. 

There are lots of tips and advice for parents on the link below from Place 2Be. This is through their parenting smart website


The course provides parents and carers with children aged 4-11-years-old with extra tools to deal with everyday parenting challenges and help strengthen your relationship with your child. There is also the opportunity to join discussions with other parents from across the UK. 


Designed to fit around busy family lives, the 7-week course can be broken down into short 15-minute sections and you can access it anytime from any device. 


The content within the course is based on the latest evidence and experience from Place2Be’s Parenting Team, in partnership with South London and Maudsley-NHS Foundation trust. 

Learn more about the Parenting Smart – Online Course on the Place2Be website - 


Other links and information that parents may find useful are:


Additional Mental Health and wellbeing support:


Below are resources which parents may find informative and useful. No one approach is recommended by school and parents should always contact their GP or other health services if they are concerned about their child's mental health.


Chat Health Young people aged 11-16 years from a Trafford school can send a text message, they don’t have to give their name. They will receive confidential advice from a trained school health professional. The nurses can support with a whole range of topics including mental health and wellbeing. Text 07312 263 056. If you attend school outside Trafford go to the website and you can find nurses in your area:


Trafford CAMHS: provides support for children and young people aged 0-18 years (including those with disabilities), where there are concerns related to their mental / emotional health / wellbeingReferral is via a health professional e.g. GP/social worker/school nurse, self- referrals/parents are also accepted. Trafford CAMHS: 0161 549 6456 (Mon–Fri 9am – 5pm)


Talkshop, Streetalk and Connexions: To speak to a Youth Worker about anything at all (Relationships, something to do, health and wellbeing, referral to other services etc.) Call 0161 912 2453 or email


Kooth (11-25 year olds): Anonymous online counselling, advice and mental health support. Fully moderated forums and Self-help materials which are available 24/7, and qualified counsellors and therapists available from 12pm- 10pm (Mon-Fri and 6pm-10pm Sat-Sun). Register online at: