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Welcome to EYFS!


"Play is the highest form of research". Albert Einstein


In Early Years we run both Nursery and Reception classes as a unit. Children from both classes have the opportunity to play, learn and develop together through the continuous provision. Children are supported and encouraged to follow their natural desire to explore, investigate and learn through play both inside the classroom and in our outdoor provision area.


Staff are led by the children's curiosity and imagination's as well as having set Topics planned throughout the year to act as a stimulus for the children. Alongside our planned activities we look for opportunities to enhance the children's learning. We do this by planning 'in the moment'. We allow the children to take a lead on their own learning following their interests and own curiosity. Our response is uniquely suited to the unique child in that unique moment. The children will also learn through guided activities and adult led focus groups.


There is no such thing as a ‘Typical day’ in Early Years as every day is new and exciting. However, during the day your children will follow a similar daily routine. Nursery and Reception children receive separate input for specific areas of learning such as Phonics, Mathematics and Literacy from each of their class teachers.


Parental input is very important at this age and we actively encourage parents to share information about their child's development and achievements. We also share parts of our day with parents to further involve them within their children's learning while in school.


Nursery children have a smooth transition into our Reception class as they become familiar, secure and feel safe in our nurturing and caring environment. Transition is also very important when the children move from our Early Years unit into Year One, where they continue with a similar classroom environment and learning approach.